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What is Recreational Insurance?

Recreational insurance is insurance for your recreational vehicles, including motor homes, motorcycles, boats, and ATVs. While it differs in some ways from car insurance, it is just as necessary. If you need recreational insurance, DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC in Albany, NY can help. 

Recreational Use

One of the differences between standard insurance and recreational insurance is that recreational coverage is not for vehicles that you use every day. If an RV or motorcycle is your daily driver, you may need a different type of insurance. Recreational insurance can usually offer lower rates because you aren’t using the vehicle every day, similar to classic car insurance. 

Passenger Coverage

One of the advantages of recreational insurance is that it covers passengers. If someone is riding on your ATV, boat, or RV and become injured, any medical or other expenses will be covered by your insurance. This is something many people don’t consider when they are going out for a day of fun, but you need to make sure that anyone with you is adequately covered in the event of an accident.


Of course, recreational policies cover liability. If you have an accident and do damage to someone’s property, this will be covered by your insurance policy. Accidents do happen, even when you’re on the water or in the woods. 

Full Coverage

Your recreational vehicle is an investment, and it’s essential to protect it as well. If you have a lien on it, then you may be required to carry full coverage insurance. Even if it’s not required, it’s wise to protect your investment.

Recreational insurance allows you to fully enjoy your recreational activities, knowing that if the worst happens, you and your investments are protected. If you need recreational insurance in Albany, NY, contact us at DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC today.  


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