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What is Carrier Discounts Insurance?

DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC serves the Albany, NY community. We are an independent agency. We strive to make sure that our clients find the coverage they need to protect themselves in any situation. The foundation of our business is providing excellent customer service.

An In-Depth Look At Carrier Discounts Insurance

If you use a fleet of carrier vehicles to help operate your New York business, carrier discounts insurance is an asset. The shipping and transportation industry is extremely competitive. You can gain an advantage by making sure that your customers receive their products on time. However, accidents can happen at any time. Carrier discounts insurance can help your business minimize risks.

Carrier discounts insurance can help you protect your assets if you are involved in a liability dispute. You are protected if something happens to the products while you are shipping them. This should help alleviate some stress if you find yourself involved in potential litigation.

If you have a substantial number of vehicles in your fleet, you should be able to find a comfortable discount. If you have high character drivers, that should also help you find a good discount. Your business may also qualify for a discount if you have multiple types of vehicles in your fleet.

Consider the benefits of a dashcam. Dashcams can help you directly pinpoint what caused the accident during the transportation process. Investing in a tracking system is another good idea. This ensures that your driver adheres to the outlined routes, so your customers receive their goods on time.

DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC Will Help You Protect Your Business

Contact our office in Albany, NY today to learn more information about carrier discounts insurance.  

Exploring The Benefits Of Recreational Insurance

DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC provides coverage to the Albany, NY community. We strive to provide excellent customer service to our clients while helping them find the necessary policies. We proudly serve the community as an independent agency. We have working relationships with multiple carriers throughout New York.

Exploring The Benefits Of Recreational Insurance

If you use a recreational vehicle to travel throughout New York, recreational insurance helps protect your asset. The policy covers you whether you are operating an ATV, motorbike, or motorhome. You will be protected if your recreational vehicle is damaged. Liability coverage protects you if your recreational vehicle causes damage to someone else’s property or if a passenger on your vehicle is injured. You are also covered if your recreational vehicle is stolen or vandalized.

When you store your recreational vehicle when you aren’t using it, you will be protected if your vehicle is damaged due to a fire or severe weather. You will also have to consider the threat of a flying object damaging your vehicle, as well as the potential impact of your vehicle colliding with an animal. Also, keep in mind that any upgrades to your recreational vehicle are not covered in the event of damage unless you adjust your policy.

You can add emergency roadside assistance to cover you if your vehicle breaks down. The coverage also includes emergency towing services. If you are operating a motorhome and suffer severe damage, you can add temporary lodging coverage to protect you as you find alternative housing until your motorhome is repaired.

DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC Will Help You Protect Your Asset

For more information on recreational insurance, contact our office in Albany, NY today!

How can umbrella insurance protect someone?

When you are in the Albany, NY area, it will be important to have a proper personal insurance plan in place. One form of coverage that should be part of this is umbrella insurance coverage. This type of insurance will provide you with additional personal liability coverage and could end up protecting you in many ways. 

Insurance Gives Additional Coverage

A lot of people will get umbrella insurance because it will give additional coverage to protect against major accident damage. While you may already have some coverage through your home and auto policies, the policy limits could leave you having to come out of pocket if you are at fault for a severe accident. Fortunately, you will have additional coverage to protect your current additional policies when you invest in this protection.

Protection for Unforeseen Situations

Another common reason for getting umbrella insurance is that they can get coverage for unpredictable situations. While you can try to mitigate your liability risks as well as you can, there are situations that could occur that you may have never even considered. To get the comfort that you do get protection for these risks, you should obtain an umbrella insurance policy that will offer you coverage for a much broader range of potential risks.

If you decide to invest in an umbrella insurance policy, you will want to ensure that you get proper coverage. For those in the Albany, NY area, a great company to speak with is DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC. Anyone that reaches out to DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC will learn a lot about their unique insurance needs and how umbrella coverage can protect them. This guidance can then help you choose a new policy. 

Why should anyone get carrier discounts insurance?

The shipping and transportation industry continues to be extremely important as it helps to ensure that people worldwide have access to the products they want and need. Due to this, the industry continues to be high in demand and offers a lot of opportunities. At the same time, those based out of the Albany, NY area will also have a variety of risks that they need to prepare for. One way to mitigate these risks is by getting proper carriers discount insurance policy as it offers several forms of coverage.

Liability Protection

Carriers in the shipping and transportation industry will have many liability risks that need to be mitigated as well as possible. When you are in this industry, you are taking on liability risk for the products you hold and moving shipments. Since liability claims can be hard to predict and prevent, you should make sure that you have the proper coverage at all times. 

Coverage for Business Assets

Like any other business, it will be important that you maintain the proper insurance for your assets. When you operate in this industry, you will have many core assets that are needed to operate your business. While there are risks that these could be damaged, you can mitigate this with proper insurance. 

There are several situations when getting carrier discount insurance is a good option. If you are looking for this insurance protection, you should speak with the team at DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC. The insurance team at DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC has helped many organizations in the Albany, NY area better understand their needs and options. This could help to ensure that you properly protect your organization and minimize risk. 

What Types of Loss Does Recreational Insurance Cover?

DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC offers recreational insurance to its customers living in the Albany, NY area. Recreational insurance is essential for when you go camping, four-wheeling, boating, or hiking. Knowing that you are protected while you are enjoying the great outdoors will allow you to have fun with your friends and family.


Recreational insurance covers loss due to theft if items are stolen from your camper or from your campsite. It’s important that you took as many precautions as possible to make sure that your camping area is secure. Take a few minutes to secure your possessions before you leave and that nothing of value is visible.


Spending time in the great outdoors is fun, but things can happen that may damage your property. Recreational insurance takes those unexpected events into account and will protect you if your property is damaged during your outing. Damage liability protects you and others while you are on recreational outings.


Accidents can occur while you are out in the wild that can result in various types of injuries. With the right type of recreational insurance, you will be protected against personal injury liability if someone gets hurt while visiting your campsite or while they are a passenger on your vehicle.

Residents can rest assured that the agents of DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services Inc. have the answers they are looking for when they have questions about recreational insurance. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Stop by the office in Albany, NY and get the answers you need before you leave for the great wide open. The right recreational policy will make all the difference and will allow you to make the most out of your trip!

Situations that Call for Umbrella Insurance

Life in upstate moves a little slower than in New York City, but even in Albany, NY, you need insurance that protects your livelihood. DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC wants you to understand how adding an umbrella policy to your home insurance coverage can help you protect your investment.

Three categories of people benefit the most from an umbrella policy:

  • High net worth individuals
  • Retired individuals who are community volunteers
  • Owners of high-risk recreational equipment

Those with a high net worth can become targets for unscrupulous behavior. They also often serve on the boards of non-profits or companies. They host fundraisers or other large-scale events at their homes. This opens them to liability beyond what their homeowners’ insurance covers. Any slip and fall accident at their hosted event can quickly exceed the HO-1 cap for liability since the individual may sue for both medical bills and lost wages. The injured party likely earns in the same tax bracket as the high net worth individual that quickly exceeds the cap.

Similarly, retired individuals often serve on boards and volunteer. The umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage to cover what the cap on the HO-1 policy does not. While an employed individual’s settlement to an injured party can garnish their wages to pay the amount not covered by the home policy cap, the retired individual must use their available funds – their retirement funds – to pay the difference.

Regardless of your age, you need umbrella insurance if you own a swimming pool, all-terrain vehicle, dune buggy, go-carts, motorcycle, jet ski, or boat. Any accident involving any of these items that cause injury to another person or their property can cause you to exceed the cap on the HO-1 liability coverage. That results in you dipping into savings, retirement funds, or having your pay garnished to pay the injury or property settlement.

Let DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC, serving Albany, NY, help you better protect your finances. DeNooyer can offer you the umbrella insurance you need to protect yourself. Call us today to discuss your needs and get started.

What Type of Carrier Discounts Are Available?

Career insurance is a must if your company owns a fleet of carrier vehicles that it uses daily. The agents at DeNooyer Direct Insurance LLC are available to assist Albany, NY business owners in finding the right type of insurance policies to meet their needs. When a fleet of carrier vehicles is involved, carrier discounts can be a lifesaver.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking devices can be put in delivery and carrier vehicles to determine where they have been and if the driver is staying on the designated route. GPS tracking systems will also help you determine the best possible routes during deliveries.

Dash Cams

Dashcams are a great way to determine what happened during the travels of the carrier vehicle. A dashcam can provide proof of what exactly happened during an accident. It can also show how the driver handles the vehicle and whether or not they are being responsible behind the wheel.

Multi-vehicle Policies

The more vehicles you have in your carrier fleet, the better your discount will be. Hiring responsible drivers who take pride in their driving record is also a must. Multi-vehicle policies offer several carrier discounts that are designed to meet the needs of the company purchasing the policy.

DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC serves companies located throughout the Albany, NY area. If you are in charge of purchasing insurance for a company with a fleet of carrier vehicles, then contacting their office is in your best interest. Don’t let your drivers take to the highways without the proper insurance coverage. Call today and discuss what your options are in terms of carrier discounts and make an informed decision that will help protect your business’ interests.

Common myths about recreational vehicle insurance

With so many insurance options in the market today, it is almost impossible to navigate through without hearing myths about various insurance policies. A famous victim of these misconceptions is Recreational Vehicle or RV insurance. Many people cannot differentiate between myths and facts about RV insurance.

If you are shopping for RV insurance in Albany, NY, our insurance team at DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC can help you with valid information. We also take further steps to advise you on the best coverages based on your budget, so that you can make an informed decision.

 Myth 1: If you rent an RV from a company with RV insurance, you can benefit from it.

You need to understand this and also seek clarification from the company before making assumptions. You should also have your own form of insurance because you may be held liable for injuries or damages that occur while you are using the vehicle.

 Myth 2: RV insurance coverage is not necessary if you have auto insurance

This is the myth of the century. Don’t be fooled by the fact that RV insurance is not mandatory in most states. RVs are quite expensive to buy or rent. They, therefore, need more liability than average automobiles. Keep in mind that it is not just the RV that is being covered but also your personal belongings in the RV.

Myth 3: RV insurance covers all the possessions inside the RV

Just like home insurance, RV insurance does not cover all your belongings because there is a limit. That means that they are covered up to a certain amount. Let your company explain this in detail before allowing you to sign your insurance form, as there is a likelihood that you will require extra coverage.

When shopping for RV insurance in Albany, NY, you must have the right information beforehand. DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC can help you find the answers to your questions. Contact us, and we will be glad to help you.

Should I Get Gap Insurance?

What is Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance is optional, but sometimes necessary many occasions for auto insurance. It includes car insurance coverage that assists in paying off an auto loan if the vehicle is stolen or totaled, and the amount still owed is more than the vehicle’s depreciated value. This type of insurance is also known as “loan/lease gap coverage”. Gap insurance is also meant to use along with the comprehensive or collision coverage.

Determining Whether if It’s Worth It for You

Now that you know what gap insurance is, you may think that gap insurance is needed. It will ensure I am covered with no unpleasant surprise whatsoever. However, there are times when someone shouldn’t get gap insurance. The following includes when you shouldn’t get gap insurance:

  • If your auto loan is under 60-months old.
  • If you put more than a 20 percent down payment
  • When the value of the car is less than you owe
  • If you can afford to pay out-of-pocket the difference if the vehicle is totaled

Most of these reasons are self-explanatory, whether you should get gap insurance. However, it wouldn’t make sense to purchase gap insurance when you can pay the difference out-of-pocket because you will pay extra to get gap insurance along with the comprehensive/collision coverage. Why pay for extra if you can manage to pay out-of-pocket only if the vehicle gets stolen or totaled. Also, in many cases, an auto loan that is lower than 60-months old will be for a vehicle that is not more than what it is worth even though the vehicle depreciates quickly in the first year or so. 


There are various factors that you need to consider determining whether you should get gap insurance. And thus, it will behoove you to consult an insurance company where you will be in good hands.

DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC is the proven insurance company to turn to. Located in Albany, NY, DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC includes highly trained, experienced staff who are more than happy to assist you in the right direction. And we at DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC have been serving the Albany NY area for several years now. So, contact us today for a quote.

Common Misconceptions about Umbrella Insurance

Many people are confused about umbrella insurance and what it has to offer. Umbrella insurance provides extra liability coverage to protect you against serious accidents you may cause. This coverage exceeds the limits of your auto, home or renter’s insurance policies. The following facts from DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC in Albany, NY help dispel misconceptions about umbrella insurance so you can make wise decisions concerning this protection.

Misconception: Umbrella insurance protects your jewelry, artwork and other costly items.

Fact: Umbrella insurance offers liability coverage, not protection for personal property. Liability insurance pays for injuries or damage you cause others in accidents that are your fault. Umbrella insurance starts once the limits of your home, auto or renter’s liability coverage have been exhausted. 

Misconception: Umbrella insurance replaces home, auto or rental liability coverage.

Fact: Umbrella insurance works in conjunction with home, auto or rental liability coverage. In fact, you cannot obtain umbrella coverage unless you have other forms of liability coverage.

Misconception: Umbrella insurance is extremely expensive.

Fact: Umbrella coverage is actually quite affordable, taking into consideration the protection it has to offer. Policy costs vary depending on the amount of coverage you desire. If you own a lot of property or have substantial assets, you’d do well to purchase sufficient umbrella coverage to protect these assets against large liability claims that can lead to lawsuits. 

Misconception: Only wealthy people need umbrella coverage as they’re more likely to be sued for accidents.

Fact: Even "ordinary" people can be sued if they’re found negligent for an accident. A lawsuit can cost you your savings, retirement or investment funds, not to mention funds from future income to settle a liability claim. Umbrella insurance can protect your assets by covering settlement costs.

To learn more about umbrella insurance, contact DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC in Albany, NY.

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