Boat/Watercraft Insurance in New York

Boating is a recreational activity the whole family can enjoy, and an increasing number of New York state residents are choosing to pass their time on the state's beautiful waters. Before you take the family out for a day of fishing and fun, be sure you are up to date on these safety facts and regulations. At DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC we want to help you have the most relaxing time by having your back, so to speak, with coverage that means you worry about a good time on your boat and we'll be there if something goes wrong. We serve Albany, NY and the surrounding areas.

3 Things To Know About Boating in New York

  • Boater Safety Courses The state of New York requires any boater under 15 to take this course but it is offered to all boaters. The boat safety course gives you knowledge specific to boating safety and regulations is easy to take and relatively inexpensive. It is a worthy way to spend your time before you go out on the water.
  • Boaters Age Did you know your fourteen years old can help you drive the boat and even enjoy some of the responsibility in New York? Take a load off and let your child drive, after they take the safety course and lessons from you of course.
  • Weather Out on the open waters, even in large lakes, the weather can change seemingly moment to moment. This can be a safety risk so be sure to download the best in weather apps and have back up methods on checking so you can clear out of the water if a storm rolls in.

If you are ready to purchase your first boat or get your family ready for an outing soon be sure to contact us at Denooyer Direct Insurance to find out how easy it can be to purchase boat insurance and to keep up to date on your needed safety regulations to keep your family and property protected out on the water.

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