Renters Insurance in New York

Many New York residents find themselves renting either single-family homes or apartments. While it is not a requirement for the state, Renters Insurance is a quality investment for these individuals to protect their possessions in the event of a tragedy. Below are some events where renters need the protection of renter’s insurance.

Structural Damages Or Fire

Should your home or apartment experience busted pipes or perhaps a damaged roof that leaks water over your possessions, you may need to replace many items of value. While the owner may have an insurance policy, it will only cover damage done to the structure. You will need your own renter's insurance policy to have these items replaced due to damages.

Should an accidental fire happen at your residence, expect the property owner's policy to only cover the structure of the home. With renter’s insurance, not only will your possessions be replaced during such an event, but any expenses you have for temporary housing during repair can be reclaimed on your policy.


Should your Albany, NY rented space become the victim to theft or property vandalized, you will require the terms of a renters' insurance policy to repair or replace the damaged possessions you may have owned. Your electronics, jewelry, clothing, and other possessions of value should be taken in your possession inventory. Make sure that your policy covers the value of your assets when you are crafting your personal policy.

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