Umbrella Insurance in New York

It is a common practice for large companies to purchase umbrella insurance to protect themselves from things beyond the limits of their insurance. However, many people do not realize that is useful in many non-business situations as well. At DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC we want your insurance to cover all of your specific needs so be sure to check out umbrella insurance options for your home, vehicle, property, career, or business in or around Albany, NY.

Situations That Will Benefit From Additional Umbrella Insurance

  • If you drive a long way to work each day, or if you carpool with other riders or drivers then an umbrella policy to cover additional risks from your commute can end up saving you a lot of money. Discuss your specific needs with our New York agent for more information about your current limits.
  • If you have a lot of property, then your risk for needing your basic insurance rises. If this property has things like pools, lakes, ponds, trampolines, or even certain dogs it is wise to add umbrella insurance to keep you covered even in unlikely situations.
  • A job that puts you in the public eye, or that puts you at risk despite seeming safe is in need of an umbrella policy. Examples of this include YouTube personality, sports coach, and even a food reviewer.

Umbrella insurance in New York is not required in addition to basic liability for auto, and what your mortgage company requires for home insurance. However, going above the basic requirements means that you are more fully protected, and typically for only a small amount more per month. Contact us at DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC if you have any questions about additional insurance to protect you, your job, your property, and your family in and around Albany, NY.

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