Auto Insurance in New York

The car insurance rates in New York vary from region to region. From the vineyard-covered hills found in Finger Lakes to the icy roads in Buffalo and the crowded, lively streets of Manhattan, living in this vibrant city presents a wide array of driving conditions. If you need auto insurance in New York, then knowing what you need is a must. This is where our team at DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services, LLC can help.

New York Requirements

In Albany, NY and across the rest of the state, drivers need to have liability insurance coverage for any vehicle that is registered in their name, even if they don’t drive it. If you fail to get this coverage, then the DMV may suspend your registration and driver’s license.

The Empire State also requires you to have no-fault insurance. This means that PIP (personal injury protection) coverage is necessary. If you are buying insurance for a first-time driver, you need to understand the Graduated License Law. This puts several restrictions on drivers of ages, especially those who have a learner’s permit. These drivers are between the ages of 16 to 18. This age group is referred to as “junior drivers.”

Getting the Coverage You Need

If you are looking to get auto insurance in Albany, NY, then turn to our team at DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC. Our team can provide you with the information and education needed to ensure you get the coverage you want for a price you can afford.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We understand that the world of auto insurance can be confusing. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping take some of that confusion out of the process by helping you get the customized policy you want and need. Contact us today to learn more about purchasing auto insurance, regardless of what your needs may be.

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