What Type of Carrier Discounts Are Available?

March 31st, 2020 by

Career insurance is a must if your company owns a fleet of carrier vehicles that it uses daily. The agents at DeNooyer Direct Insurance LLC are available to assist Albany, NY business owners in finding the right type of insurance policies to meet their needs. When a fleet of carrier vehicles is involved, carrier discounts can be a lifesaver.

GPS Tracking
GPS tracking devices can be put in delivery and carrier vehicles to determine where they have been and if the driver is staying on the designated route. GPS tracking systems will also help you determine the best possible routes during deliveries.

Dash Cams
Dashcams are a great way to determine what happened during the travels of the carrier vehicle. A dashcam can provide proof of what exactly happened during an accident. It can also show how the driver handles the vehicle and whether or not they are being responsible behind the wheel.

Multi-vehicle Policies
The more vehicles you have in your carrier fleet, the better your discount will be. Hiring responsible drivers who take pride in their driving record is also a must. Multi-vehicle policies offer several carrier discounts that are designed to meet the needs of the company purchasing the policy.

DeNooyer Direct Insurance Services LLC serves companies located throughout the Albany, NY area. If you are in charge of purchasing insurance for a company with a fleet of carrier vehicles, then contacting their office is in your best interest. Don’t let your drivers take to the highways without the proper insurance coverage. Call today and discuss what your options are in terms of carrier discounts and make an informed decision that will help protect your business’ interests.

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